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Your Guide to Riverside Services

Welcome to our Quick Start Guide. As you explore the different stages, you will find descriptions of our services throughout a person's lifetime, as well as helpful resources, information and connections to help you and your family navigate this process.

Ages 4 - 13: School Age

The time from birth to age 3 is key for children with developmental disabilities for their future development. It is important families have access to the services and resources they need to support their child and their future development.

Birth to Age 3: Early Intervention

Meet Other Families

This is a key developmental period for children to learn skills like dependability, reliability and accountability. We will help you and your family navigate the complexities of today's care systems.

Ages 14 - 22: Transition Age


Parent2Parent (P2P)

An essential time for young adults ages 14 - 22, we will help each child and their family through the transition from school to adult life. Our Transition SSA helps put your child on the path s/he wants after high school.

Ages 23 & Over

This is the time to continually ask, "What is important to me? and "What does a happy life look life for me?" We will help you make plans to support those dreams, whatever they may be.

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