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Transitioning to Adulthood

Riverside Transition Services help students ages 14 through high school graduation and their families navigate high school and the transition into adulthood. These services encompass a student's entire transition, from helping parents determine eligibility to finding community employment. We also offer information and support for those we serve who are interested in living in and connecting with their community.


We collaborate with students, their families, schools, community businesses/organizations and other Riverside staff who may be able to help during the transition process. For more information, please contact us.

Getting Started

Determining Eligibility

Contact Eligibility at (937) 440-3080 to initiate the eligibility process for those ages 3 and over.
Provide documentation of a developmental disability, such as a psychological evaluation
or an Evaluation Team Report (ETR).
After a document review, an Eligibility Determination appointment and other information may be requested.
If determined eligible, you will be contacted by a Service & Support Administrator, or SSA.
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Services & Supports

SSAs specialize in guiding students and families through the challenges of transitioning through high school and into adulthood. SSAs can help you navigate the process by:


Helping the student plan for the future and vision for a good life using the LifeCourse Tools

Attend IEP Meetings

Attending IEP (Individualized Service Programs) meetings to ensure family's understanding


Connecting students and their families to public benefits agencies

Community Support

Making referrals to beneficial community agencies and resources


Contact agencies or programs that can assist with finding and maintaining employment

Community Living

By providing them the information and support they need, our SSAs help students explore a variety of living situations so they can live as independently as possible.

Community Connections

Community Connections activities increase independence and foster friendship and inclusion. Activities include Aktion Club and Bicycle Safety.

Community Employment

Our SSAs help students identify where they are on the path to employment and then help them achieve their employment goals by coordinating services with our partner agencies. This may include:

  • Career Exploration

  • Transitional Work Experience

  • Follow-Along

  • Job Placement and Coaching

  • Work adjustments training, including safety techniques, personal boundaries and interpersonal skills

What's Next?

Once a student graduates high school and has made the transition into adulthood, they will be connected with an SSA who specializes in our services for adults.

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