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Service Coordination

Riverside Service & Support Administrators (SSAs), or case managers, coordinate services for all people ages 3 and older with developmental disabilities who are eligible to receive our services.

Our team of qualified SSAs work with the people we serve and their families or caregivers to provide them with the resources and support they need to ensure each person has the opportunity to live, work and play as full members of our community.

SSA Responsibilities

Coordinate assessments to help each person discover what is important to them and identify obstacles in their life
Develop an Individualized Service Plan (ISP) using person-centered planning
Develop a budget for services based on the person's assessed needs and assist with provider selection, if needed
Assess and monitor the person's current and immediate needs
Link each person to meaningful community activities and resources
Coordinate services with the person and their team to help them utilize supports, such as employment services
Provide continuous ISP reviews to ensure each person is progressing toward identified outcomes
Help each person to understand and exercise their rights, as well as to choose a personal advocate, if needed
Ensure each person and their team have the information and training they need to abide by the ISP
Provide 24/7 emergency and crisis management

Types of Support

Supports are based upon each person's assessed need(s) and may include:

  • Connecting to resources and social groups in the community

  • Assistance with daily living needs

  • Assessing therapeutic needs

  • Learning new skills

  • Support in finding and maintaining a job

  • Adaptations or environmental modifications that increase accessibility and independence

SSA Brochure

Want to learn more about our SSA Department and the roles of an SSA? Download our SSA brochure.

SSA Brochure >

Have questions about Ohio's Administrative Code? Check out the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities' SSA Handbook.


If you have questions about our services or how to access an SSA, please contact us.

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