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As the County Board, our team, consisting of service coordinators, resource specialists and community connections facilitators, work together to directly provide Early Intervention, housing coordination, recreation and Special Olympics programs, advocacy training and more. We also coordinate and fund adult day services, in-home care, job training/support and transportation through our service provider partners.


Below you will find more information about Miami County's network of provider partners and the role they play in delivering services to people with developmental disabilities. If you have questions about Miami County's service providers, including what career opportunities are available for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), please contact us.

Miami County


Learn more about Miami County's network of provider agencies and the services they provide on our Provider List.

Agency Providers

Agency providers employ people to provide services to people with developmental disabilities.

Provider agencies are responsible for ensuring staff complete required training and background checks. Staff must also hold a valid certification in first aid and CPR and provide specific documentation when applying for DODD certification.

Independent Providers

Self-employed, independent providers provide direct services to those with developmental disabilities.

Like agency providers, independent providers must also complete required training, background checks and certifications to be DODD certified. To help you through this process, DODD has some key suggestions to remember when applying.

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