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The Synergy Conference is an incredible event designed to create connections that encourage collaboration, innovation and growth for people with developmental disabilities. The cost to attend Synergy is approximately $500 per person* (registration and hotel fees). Those interested in attending Synergy and receiving a scholarship from Riverside to assist with these fees must fill out this form and return to Patrick Kilbane by April 30. Applications will be reviewed by a committee and recipients will be notified by May 31.

Before applying for a Synergy scholarship, please note the following expectations for attendees who travel with the Riverside group* without provider or natural support:

  • Being independent without needing assistance with the following tasks:

    • Showering

    • Restroom needs

    • Dressing

    • Grooming needs

    • Eating

  • Being comfortable knowing that you may be 100% alone within the hotel without someone providing general supervision support

  • Being able to use cashless payment options, such as VISA gift cards, debit cards, credit cards (Attendees MUST bring a minimum of $50 in cashless payment cover personal purchases and or meals that are not provided at the conference

  • Being responsible for your own money without assistance

  • Review the Kalahari Map to understand the distance travel between conference sessions, eating locations, restroom options and entertainment options

  • Traveling in a bus for over three hours with limited restroom breaks (i.e. motion sickness)

  • Being on a bus with a group of people who might be loud

  • Participating in the conference sessions with the expectation of attending all the sessions laid out in the agenda

  • Being able to participate in a small group and with role-playing as required per session

  • 1st Time Attendees: Ability to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit toward registration (to minimize last-minute cancelations).

  • Returning Attendees: Ability to pay their full registration fee (to create new opportunities for those who have never attended).

*Note: Anyone can attend on their own with whatever support they need. This list is for those who wish to travel with the Riverside group, without provider/natural support.


To download and print an application to fill out by hand, click here.

To download and type an application to save and email or print and submit, click here

For more information: contact Patrick Kilbane at 937-310-3260 or

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