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Riverside FANS

Riverside FANS (Friends, Allies & Neighbors) gives volunteers a chance to connect with the people we serve. Have a particular skill to share? Want to coach a Special Olympics team? No matter your interest, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. And if not, we will create one just for you!

Our volunteer opportunities are tailored to each person and no contribution is too small. This individualized approach allows you to choose an area of service that suits you and your schedule and provides you with a rewarding experience. 

Want to be a Riverside FAN? Join our email list and receive our monthly newsletters. Once you are ready to start volunteering, fill out our FANS Application. If you have questions, please contact us.
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Welcome to the Family

At Riverside, our FANS are more than volunteers.
They are family.
more than volunteers.

Learn more about how you can join Riverside FANS and start making a difference today.

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Who We Are

Riverside FANS are friends, advocates, teachers and mentors. With their heart and dedication, they continue to exemplify our agency's 4 core values.


Riverside FANS demonstrate honesty, build trust and do the right thing--even when no one is watching.


Riverside FANS strive for excellence, inclusion and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities. As a facet of our agency, they represent Riverside to our community.


Riverside FANS treat others with kindness and acceptance, value others' opinions even when they are different and support everyone's abilities and contributions.


Riverside FANS provide support to one another, the people we serve and their families and our staff. They create an enjoyable and inclusive environment for everyone.

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Getting Started

Join Riverside FANS

What's your passion?
Volunteer opportunities are tailored to each person's interest and schedule.
Complete an Application
Ready to be a FAN? Fill out an application and email it to us. Once received, we will contact you and set up an interview to get to know you and go over volunteer expectations.

Discover your passion.

Explore our FANS opportunities and discover how you can help.

Why do you love Riverside FANS?

"It has become an awesome experience for me! I can't thank everyone enough that is involved with this program! It's an absolute honor to be a part of it!"

--Mark Higgins, Riverside FAN
Owner of Complete Fitness in Tipp City

FANS Resources

Make the most of your FANS experience and access our volunteer resources, email lists and more.

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Start your FANS journey and fill out our Volunteer Application. Once your application is processed, we will contact you to discuss your interests and schedule.

Instructions: Click on button below. Form will open. Click on "Open in Acrobat." Fill out and sign form and save to your computer. You can then email us the form, or print and drop off to our building, or use USPS mail. Thank you for applying!


Our services are enhanced by the support of the Miami County community. If you are an individual or a community organization looking to partner with us, we would love to hear from you!

The ways you and your organization can partner with our agency are many.

Sometimes those we serve need household items like beds, couches or window A/C units. They may also be interested in getting more involved with their community and making new friends.

Other times, our Special Olympics programs could benefit from new uniforms or other equipment.

Discover how you can join us on our mission to empower people with developmental disabilities and contact us today.

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