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Services for Adults

At Riverside, our team of experienced Service & Support Administrators (SSAs) are dedicated to helping adults of all ages identify their life goals through tools like of the Charting the LifeCourse.

Our SSAs help adults develop an Individual Service Plan (ISP) and determine what they want out of life. Activities to consider include post-secondary education, part or full-time employment, volunteering, independent living, including Intermediate Care facilities (see links:
DODD Online Search Tool for Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) and DODD Electronic ICF Informational Booklet,)

 personal relationships and recreation and Special Olympics programs.

For more about our Adult Services, please contact us. If you believe you or someone you know is eligible for our services, learn more about our eligibility criteria and process on our Eligibility page.

Our Services

Gain confidence and speak up for yourself.
Residential Living
Discover the right living situation for you.
Employment Training
Explore Miami County's career opportunities.
Community Connections
Inclusive activities for children and adults.
Special Olympics
For people with disabilities ages 8 and over.
What is an SSA?

Service & Support Administrators (SSAs), or case managers, work with the people we serve and their families or caregivers to provide them with the resources and support they need.

We encourage the people we serve to learn more about speaking up for themselves and making informed decisions in their lives.

Charting the LifeCourse was created by families to help people of all abilities develop a vision for a good life.

CtLC was originally created by the University of Missouri-Kansas City Institute for Human Development, Missouri's UCEDD. We have modified it to help those we serve determine their definition of a fulfilled life.

Hear from Riverside Superintendent Brian Green as he talks with DODD Director Jeff Davis about how Riverside puts the LifeCourse tools into practice.

There are a wide variety of residential service options for adults with developmental disabilities in Miami County.

From looking for a new home to finding extra support around the home, our SSAs help adults find the right option for them. SSAs coordinate residential supports, which are provided by our provider partner agencies.

Some of the residential options available include shared living, in-home support, adult family living and assistive technology and remote support services.

In Miami County, people with developmental disabilities can explore a variety of careers. We collaborate with state agencies and local service providers to create successful experiences for the person and the business.



With programs such as Life Skills courses, Aktion Club and Bicycle Safety Classes, we encourage everyone to do things that make them happy and empower them to explore new adventures.



Anyone with an intellectual disability who is at least 8 years old is eligible to participate in Special Olympics. We offer 9 year-round sports, including soccer, unified golf and cheerleading.

  • What is a DSP?
    DSPs, or Direct Support Professionals, are employed by agency providers or are self-employed. These individuals are responsible for providing direct services to people with developmental disabilities. They help the people they serve live, learn, work and play in their communities. But most of all, they are friends and advocates. They are the backbone of the developmental disabilities field.
  • What are a provider's responsibilities?
    There are many opportunities for providers, both those who work for an agency and independent providers. A provider's responsibility can include: Residential services - supporting people where they live through teaching independent living skills and healthy living practices, supporting people with their everyday activities and providing addtional support in other areas of life when needed Day support - supporting people during the day through working side by side with people as they participate in the community, taking small groups to volunteer or on recreational trips and empowering people to try new things Employment - supporting people in finding and keeping a job through helping people identify their talents and goals, connecting people with employers and provide on-site support to ensure the person's success
  • How do I become a certified provider?
    All certification to become a service provider is obtained through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD). Information on becoming a provider is available in the Providers section of the DODD website.
  • I want to work for a provider agency, where can I find a list of local agencies?"
    Our Provider List includes all Miami County services providers who serve people with developmental disabilities and their families in our area. For a more comprehensive list of provider agencies in Ohio, reviews provided by individuals and families and other information, visit Provider Guide Plus. You may also learn more about the role of DSPs by visiting
  • Does Riverside offer any training for DSPs?
    In collaboration with The Academy for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs), the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Riverside) offers a variety of classes free of charge to certified service providers. All classes are held in the Training Room at Riverside (located at 1625 Troy Sidney Road, Troy) unless otherwise advertised. Riverside also offers trainings regarding the MUI/UI Rule, Individual Rights, Health & Welfare Alerts and provider and SSA joint meetings. These trainings are also held in the Training Room at Riverside and are taught by Riverside Behavior Support Coordinators, Investigative Agents (IAs) and other staff. For a complete list of classes provided by The Academy and those instructed by Riverside staff, please visit our Provider Training page.
  • Does Riverside offer any networking opportunities for providers?
    As a way to improve communication between Riverside as Miami County's local board of DD and the agencies and individuals providing direct services, Riverside established the Provider Partnership Network (PPN) in 2016. PPN membership is open to all service providers. The group meets quarterly, and their meetings include updates from the County Board, as well as time for questions and discussion. Meetings cover topics such as DODD/OPRA Back to Basics Highlights and County Board Accreditation Results. For more about PPN and their 2019 meeting schedule, please contact us.
  • I am an Independent Provider, is there someone I can contact when I have questions?"
    If you are currently an Independent Provider or are interested in becoming one, you may contact Riverside's Provider Relations Resource Support Coordinator, Jan Wintrow, at (937) 440-3090 or
  • What is the relationship between the County Board and providers?
    As the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Riverside coordinates and funds the direct care services provider agencies and independent providers provide to people with developmental disabilities in Miami County. These services include adult day services, in-home care, job training/support and transportation. Riverside does provide services such as Early Intervention for kids ages 0-3, case management, housing coordination, recreation and Special Olympics programs, advocacy training, family education and training for DSPs. However, Riverside does not employ DSPs, bill for direct services or compete for provider business.
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