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Strategic Plan

A Message from the Superintendent


In 2021, we completed a Strategic Plan that will guide us through the year 2024. We took information provided to us by the people we serve, their families, service provider partners and members of the general public. Our goal was to develop a focused and succinct plan to guide us in achieving our mission to empower people with developmental disabilities to live, work and play as full members of our community.


Because we use the LifeCourse Tools in conversations and plans with the people we serve, we felt it was important to use the same life-planning tools to guide the planning process for our Strategic Plan. I encourage you to learn more about our Strategic Plan. As always, your feedback is important. We encourage you to share that with us through our survey.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve the people of Miami County through our services as your county board of developmental disabilities. Thank you for your continued support.

-- Brian W. Green, Superintendent

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Strategic Plan

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If you have questions about our Strategic Plan and our plans for the future, please contact us.

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