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Our Services

Determining the right services for you or your loved one can be overwhelming. We are here to help. Here at Riverside, we are a team. Regardless of age, ability or diagnosis, we work with each person to help them navigate life and achieve their goals. There are no cookie cutter approaches.
With the support of local tax levies approved by Miami County voters, as well as state and federal dollars, we directly provide service coordination, advocacy training, Early Intervention and recreation activities. We also fund adult day services, in-home care and job training through our network of service providers.
For more about our services and the eligibility process, please contact us.
Our Services: An Overview

We serve over 1,000 people with developmental disabilities in Miami County. Our services are:

From Birth - End of Life

We serve people of all ages, whether it is a newborn with development, a high school student with graduation or an adult with retirement.

Anytime and Anywhere

With advocacy, independence and inclusion at the core of our work, we must provide services where those we serve are, when they are there.


Through tools such as the Charting the LifeCourse Framework and the Good Life, we aim to help each person live the life they envision.

Locally Supported

With 70% of our funding coming from local tax levies, the continued support of our community makes our services possible.

Getting Started

Your journey with Riverside begins with our Eligibility Department.

Eligibility criteria varies by age. Our skilled staff will guide you through the process for each age group. All services are voluntary for those found eligible.

Through a Lifetime

From birth to end of life, we serve people of all ages. Discover what services look like for each age group.

Our Community Connections Department promotes the emotional, physical and social health of those we serve.
Our activities support people of different abilities, backgrounds and interests  and encourage independence, inclusion and friendship.
With self-advocacy at the core of our services, programs like our Life Skills courses, community navigation classes and Adventures in Advocacy empower those we serve to live their good life.
Health & Safety

The health, safety and welfare of the people we serve is our top priority. We take this role seriously and have many safeguards in place to ensure its efficacy.

For more information about these safeguards, please contact us or click on one of the links below.

People with an intellectual disability ages 8 and over are eligible to participate in Special Olympics.
We offer 9 sports, including: soccer, powerlifting, softball, golf, flag football, basketball and cheerleading.
Our teams are determined based on athletes' skills and experiences. We offer both modified and unified teams, like Modified Volleyball or Unified Golf.
For more about our eligibility process or services, please contact us.
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