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The Future is Now

The Future is Now is a multi-part series designed to help caregivers and their family members with a disability make plans for the future. Throughout the series, families create a Letter of Intent -- a non-legal document that captures desires and goals for the future. Creating a Letter of Intent helps families gain the peace of mind that comes with having a plan.


2, 9, 16 & 23


At Riverside

1625 Troy Sidney Rd., Troy, OH

(In the Training Center at the back of the building)

Each session offers an opportunity to learn about:

  • Hopes, dreams and worries for the future

  • Future living arrangements

  • Expanding personal networks

  • Supports for older caregivers

  • Maximizing public benefits

  • Who holds the story

Who should attend?

Those looking to start planning for the future of a family member with a disability.

All members of the family are encouraged to attend, including caregivers, the family member with a disability, siblings, close family friends and especially those who are aging.

How will it work?

Sessions will be hosted by facilitators from Riverside. Family members will have a chance to ask questions, gather resources and interact with one another.

For more information: contact Nicole Adkins at 937-440-3046 or

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