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Special Olympics

As part of our Community Connections Department, Miami County Special Olympics offers year-round individual and team sports for anyone with an intellectual disability ages 8 and older. Each program promotes athletes' emotional, physical and social health and instills a strong work-ethic and sense of teamwork.

Through successful experiences, athletes build confidence and a positive self-image which carries over into the classroom, job and community. For more about Special Olympics or how you can volunteer, contact us.


Getting Started

It is essential for all participants, coaches, officials and spectators to embrace good sportsmanship, as well as our agency values of Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Accountability.

Our Motto

Welcome to Riverside where sportsmanship is an expectationSo please let the players play, let the coaches coach, let the officials officiate and let the spectators be positive.


The sport is altered to make participation less challenging. For example, in Modified Volleyball athletes serve closer to the net and play with a larger, softer ball.


Athletes play alongside typically developing partners. For example, in Unified Golf the athlete and their partner alternate hitting the ball and are scored as a team.

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What's Next?

Want to join Miami County Special Olympics? Contact us.


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