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At Sibshops: 

  • Meet other siblings in a relaxed, recreational setting

  • Discuss common joys and concerns with other siblings of children with support needs

  • Learn how others handle situations commonly experienced by siblings of children with support needs

  • Learn more about the implications of the sibling’s support needs

Upcoming Events:

August 11 @ Fountain Park

October 13 @ Tipp Center 

November 17 @ Riverside 

(All 6-8PM)

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Who attends Sibshops?

Siblings age 7-12 years old 

Who runs Sibshops?

A great group of Riverside employees

Sibshop events also provide parents and other professionals with opportunities to learn more about the concerns and opportunities frequently experienced by brothers and sisters of people with support needs.

For more information contact: 

Karen Armentrout  

Miami County Board of DD (Riverside) 

(937) 440-3000

In partnership with: 

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Ohio Sibs Logo.png

Support for Sibshops programming comes from The Department of Developmental Disabilities, Ohio SIBS &

the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Riverside).

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