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Community Connections Services

Our Community Connections activities promote the emotional, physical and social health of those we serve. Geared toward supporting people of different abilities, backgrounds and interests, our activities encourage independence, inclusion and friendship. By connecting with local community groups, area schools and volunteers, our programs teach self-advocacy, life skills and safety.

Our Community Connections team works with the SSA and Early Intervention (EI) departments to ensure we are helping the people we serve achieve their definition of a "good life." We then work with each person to create activities that address their goals and interests. Participation in Community Connections activities is a privilege, not a right, and requires each individual to abide by our Community Connections/Special Olympics Participation Code of Conduct.

These activities can be customized or can be those listed in our bi-monthly newsletter. For more about Community Connections or to receive their newsletter, please contact us.

Community Connections

Creating an inclusive community, one connection at a time.

From learning a new skill to making a new friend, we want the people we serve to live, work and play as full members of our community.

Life Skills Courses

Advocacy lies at the core of our services, and our Life Skills courses are crucial in helping those we serve enhance their confidence and learn skills necessary for independent living.

Basic Cooking Skills

By partnering with local groups like the OSU Extension Office Miami County, we offer a variety of cooking classes, such as healthy living, basic skills and more.

Rights & Responsibilities

In order to live their definition of a good life, we encourage those we serve to know and understand their rights and responsibilities.

Money Management

Money management is key to self-sufficiency but budgeting can sometimes be difficult. Our Life Skills classes help make the process easier.

From everyday interactions to romantic relationships to social media, we want those we serve to be safe and respectful to others. 

Based on each person's needs, we work with those we serve to help them develop their skills and find the job they want.

LifeCourse Tools Outcomes.png

Vision for a Good Life

Using the Charting the LifeCourse, we help each person we serve determine what their good life.

Programs like Life Skills, Friends Night Out and Adventures in Advocacy group empower participants to consider 3 key elements when determining their "good life."

What is Important to Me
How to Best Support Me
My Vision for a Good Life
Community Navigation

A major part of self-advocacy is knowing how to navigate your community safely.

Being comfortable with your community can go a long way in helping people achieve that happiness.

As a way to ensure the safety of those we serve, our Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Classes teach community navigation and are adjusted to meet each person's situation and desired outcomes.

Aktion Club

Aktion Club is a community service club for adults with disabilities.

Sponsored by Kiwanis International, Aktion Club gives members opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve their community. The club meets the first and second Wednesday each month at Riverside. 

Get Involved!

Want to make new friends? Join Riverside F.A.N.S.!

Our F.A.N.S. Program (Friends, Allies & Neighbors) gives people a chance to connect with their community. 

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