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School-Age Services

After a child's third birthday, children and their families will transition out of Early Intervention (EI). As part of this process, your child will be reassessed to determine if they are eligible to receive services from the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Riverside). If found eligible, the child will connect with our Children's Team Service & Support Administration team and be designated a Service & Support Administrator (SSA or case manager).

The SSA will provide a variety of supports and resources to help the child lead a happy, self-directed life. The SSA will also advocate for the child throughout their education, supporting both the child and the school in achieving the child and family's desired outcomes. For more about our Children's Services, please contact us.

Getting Started

Determining Eligibility

Contact Eligibility at (937) 440-3080 to initiate the eligibility process for those ages 3 and over.
Provide documentation of a developmental disability, such as a psychological evaluation
or an Evaluation Team Report (ETR).
After a document review, an Eligibility Determination appointment and other information may be requested.
If determined eligible, you will be contacted by a Service & Support Administrator, or SSA.
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Services & Supports

SSAs are dedicated in guiding students and families through every stage in the child's education. SSAs can help you navigate the process by:

Transition Assistance

Assisting with life transitions, including EI to preschool and preschool to kindergarten

Attend IEP Meetings

Attending IEP (Individualized Service Programs) meetings to ensure family's understanding


Connecting students and their families to community resources, interest groups, etc.

Coordinate Services

Coordinating services, including assessing the child and family's needs to help develop person-centered plans


Collaborate with schools, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) and other agencies to support the student

School Support

Offering support and training to school districts regarding disability-related information and resources

What is an


Are you new to the Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Learn more about the process, the different acronyms used and more in this video from Piqua City Schools.

Transition to Adulthood

Our Transition Services help students ages 14 through high school graduation and their families navigate high school and the transition into adulthood. This can include anything from attending IEP meetings, providing information about independent living and finding community employment.



With programs like Kids Swim Lessons, Young Athletes and Craft Night, we encourage everyone to do what makes them happy and empowers them to explore new adventures.



Anyone with an intellectual disability who is at least 8 years old is eligible to participate in Special Olympics. We offer 9  sports, including soccer, unified golf and cheerleading.


For more about our eligibility process or services for children, please contact us.

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