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Meet Our Team - Joy Starry, Community Connections Facilitator

Name: Joy Starry

Current Title: Community Connections Facilitator

Years of Service: 25.5 years

City: Fletcher

Family photo
Joy with her husband and grandchildren

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Whats spare time? I have 9, soon to be 11, grandkids who don't let me have spare time! But I enjoy going to their games, school activities, dances, tumbling or whatever it may be that day! I also enjoy my pool, dogs, gardening and playing golf. (I used to play softball until I got old!)

What is your favorite...

Food: Spaghetti

Movie: Too many to say, but

mostly chick flicks and comedies

Book: I like all the Nicholas Sparks books.

Music: Luke Bryan, Garth Brooks and Jason Mraz

If you could travel anywhere, money aside, where would you go?

Tropical places, besides in the US.

What is a fun fact about you?

I am very competitive, even if the kids are playing tee ball where no one wins or looses...I want to win! And I'm a crazy poodle mom!

How would you describe your job?

Helping people we serve get out into the community to enjoy things they have always wanted to do. Helping to connect them to people or activities they want to do and just need some assistance getting things started. Organizing, scheduling and coaching Special Olympics teams.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The fun, excitement and joy on the faces of those we serve and coach. You can come into work grumpy, but you won't stay that way long once you start working!

Pictured below left to right: Joy and her husband at family wedding, CC trip to African Wildlife Safari Park in Port Clinton, Young Athletes Play & Sports Group (for ages 3-7) and 2019 Special Olympics State golf tournament.


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