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#EssentialWorkers - Ellen Goldstein

Name: Ellen Goldstein

Employer: Hartzell Propeller, Piqua

Current Title: Custodian & Production Associate

Years of Service: 2 years

In Her Own Words

How would you describe your job?

I like it. It's a good job. I go around and gather the garbage. Some days I sweep and mop. Also, I will put composite washers on screws.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Some days I get a free lunch. My co-workers are nice as well.

About Ellen

Alicia Hutchinson, Riverside Service & Support Administrator (SSA or case manager)

"I have known Ellen for almost 4 years and talk with her almost weekly. She has always been a hard worker and a kindhearted, funny person. She definitely likes to joke with you and make you smile!"

Dwayne Hall, Riverside Employment Navigator

"Ellen may be the hardest worker I've ever met in my career. She often has held multiple jobs at once to stay busy and earn money. She's extremely dedicated and reliable at whatever job she is on at the time."


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