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PLAY Project

If your child is between the ages of 18 months and 3 years of age and has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you may be wondering, "How do I best support my child?" Riverside is here to help you with that question and many others as you and your family navigate this journey.

Our team of dedicated service coordinators, developmental specialists and contract therapists will guide you through everything, from the diagnosis, to development interventions like the PLAY Project, to identifying goals for your child and much more. You are not alone, your child is not alone.

What are the early signs of autism? Download this checklist of 16 early signs of autism and determine if you should contact our Early Intervention team.


The PLAY Project

Play & Language

for Autistic Youngsters

The PLAY Project is an evidence-based development intervention that provides training and support for families of children showing concerns with social interactions and engagement. Riverside's PLAY Project Home Consultants teach parents techniques that are effective, fun and useful in everyday interactions.


If you suspect your child has autism, contact our ADEP team at (937) 440-3099.

Research indicates the earlier a child is diagnosed and receives appropriate intervention, the easier it is to offset the effect of the disability. A diagnosis along with the team's guidance, can help you formulate a plan to help your child reach their potential.

Teaching PLAY

Children with autism learn differently than typical children and those with cognitive disabilities.

PLAY addresses social impairment by focusing on the interactional process and how it leads to learning readiness. The program is designed to support teaching staff through coaching and modeling with the classroom's routine and structure.

What to Expect

Families with a child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years who are eligible for our services must be willing to:

  • Invest daily interventions using the PLAY Project Approach with their child

  • Sign a consent form for videotaping (videotaping is a key component in this approach)

Family Support

We consider YOU, the parent, to be the expert on your child, and our goal is for you to be your child's best PLAY partner. Our family support services include:

Monthly Visits

A 1-2 hour visit once a month including modeling, coaching and feedback.

Video Clips

A 15-20 minute video clip of our most recent visit.

Individualized Plan

An individualized child profile and video analysis in between home visits.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Activity Ideas

Need activity ideas for you and your family?

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