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Riverside DD Renewal Levy on November Ballot

(June 30, 2015) — The Miami County Commissioners have declared their intention to place a renewal levy on the ballot for the purpose of community developmental disabilities programs and services for children and adults by the Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as Riverside Developmental Disabilities.

This five-year, 2.5 mill levy generates $5,325,662.40 per year, which is 39.08% of the agency’s operating budget. Services provided with these funds include case management, early intervention services, physical and occupational therapies, recreational activities, community housing coordination, community employment training and placement, adult day services, and transportation, according to Riverside Superintendent Brian Green. Services are provided from birth to the end of life for nearly 900 people in Miami County.

“We are grateful for the steadfast support of the Miami County community for our friends, neighbors and family members with developmental disabilities,” Green said. “Our goal with this renewal levy is to continue our commitment to empowering these individuals to live as full members of our community, while we continue to be careful stewards of our resources.”

Green added that the money generated by the levy is used to bring state and federal dollars back to Miami County whenever possible. According to a recent report by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Riverside, as Miami County’s local board of DD, ranks third in the state for county boards of DD for obtaining state and federal waivers for eligible persons served. This allows local tax dollars to be maximized.

“Because we are successful in acquiring state and federal waivers for the portion of services that are Medicaid-eligible, Miami County is only paying 40 cents toward every $1 spent for those services,” Green said. “Some services aren’t supported by Medicaid, so those programs are funded locally. However, we do our best to stretch every penny received from Miami County taxpayers as far as it will go.”

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