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Brian Green


"It has been my pleasure to work with the Miami County Board for over 15 years. As a father of a loved one served by the organization, I have a vested interest in the quality of services we provide each and every day..." 

Sherry Saddler

Business Director

"I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Miami County Board's leadership team. I enjoy the work I do, and the people I work best are second to none."

Melissa Nichols

Community Awareness & Opportunities

(CAO) Director

"I'm inspired by the people we serve each and every day. Their unique abilities to live in the present moment, see the good in people and celebrate the little things in life set a wonderful example for everyone."

Stacy Pettit

Human Resources & Organizational Development

"I am blessed to be a part of a dynamic team that passionately cares for the individuals we serve. I had a family member take part in many Riverside programs over the years. I was always so impressed at the level of compassion and care."

Kathy Greenawalt-Cherry

Early Intervention (EI) Director

"I am excited my career path has been with Riverside for 20 years and it will continue. Riverside has been an agency of innovation and evolution in our community and in Ohio."

Jessica Knupp

Service & Support Administration (SSA) Director

"It is a privilege to be a part of an organization that truly values and serves people. I enjoy coming to work every day to be an active part of creating positive change."

Becky Snell

Quality & Innovations (QI) Director

"Working for Riverside has been one of the great joys of my life. While in several different departments and roles, I have been blessed to be a part of an organization that has enabled me to channel my passion."