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Become a Riverside FAN!

The Riverside FANS (Friends, Allies, and Neighbors) program is a way to connect the kindness of the community to the needs of the people we serve. Sometimes, we might need a few helping hands to tackle landscaping at their home, or we may need a few household items donated to a person moving to a new home in the community. Other times, we just need help getting the word out about a specific need an individual has, and that's where spreading the word via email and social media is a great way to show your support!

When it comes to supporting people with developmental disabilities, no contribution is too small! Whether you have time to volunteer on a regular basis for our Special Olympics sports or you want to spend a few hours helping with office tasks, we appreciate any contribution our Riverside FANS give to help us achieve our mission.

We can always use a new Riverside FAN! Consider joining our email list for monthly notifications of needs we're trying to meet. And if you're ready to start volunteering, fill out our application below. If you have questions about our Riverside FANS program, please contact Brittany Ulman at (937) 440-3049 or brittany.ulman@riversidedd.org.

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Riverside FANS Application

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Current FANS Opportunities

If you can fulfill any of the below requests, please contact Brittany Ulman at
(937) 440-3049 or brittany.ulman@riversidedd.org for more information.

• Coach, Official, Scorekeeper, & Sports Buddy
  Our Community Connections Department offers a variety of sports programs for the individuals we
  serve, and they always appreciate volunteers to help coach, officiate, keep score, or
  be buddies to our athletes. Whether you would like to lend a helping hand during a
  practice or two or commit to an entire season as a coach, we will work with you and
  your schedule to provide you with a FANS opportunity that best suits you.

• Beds
  Mattresses of all sizes, especially twin and full-size, are the most requested item our
  FANS Department receives.

• Furniture & General Household Items
More of the individuals we serve are gaining independence and moving into homes of
  their own everyday. If you'd like to help them on this journey, there are numerous
  items you could donate--items such as couches, tables, recliners, end tables,
  microwaves, slow cookers, dishes, etc.

Community Buddy & Role Model
  Many of the people we serve enjoy attending local events and spending time in their
  community, but there may be one or two roadbloacks in their way that prevent them
  from doing so. Whether it be a lack of transportation or not knowing how to navigate
  the neighborhood safely, community buddies can be a great help!

• Tutors
  As part of their journey to self-advocacy and increased independence, it is common
  for some of the folks we serve to want to improve their reading and skills. If you enjoy
  helping others expand their knowledge and hone the skills they already have, you can
  become a tutor to a child or an adult. We will work with your areas of interest,
  preferred age group, and schedule, just give us a call.

Office Support
  Between ABLE Magazine, the RecZone, and the many other newsletters we distribute
  on a regular basis, our Community Awareness & Opportunities (CAO) Department is
  always open to having an extra set of hands or two to help with mailing. The Early
  Intervention (EI) Department
also distributes their fair share of paperwork during the
  day, and they would love any time you are willing to share.

Interested in volunteering with our agency, but would like to contribute in a way different than the ones listed above? We'd love to hear from you! Use your special skills and interests to create a volunteer opportunity of your very own. For more information, please contact Brittany Ulman at (937) 440-3049 or brittany.ulman@riversidedd.org.